how we are staying safe

We also want to assure you we are doing everything we can to protect our staff during this period. More specifically: 

  • We have carried out a risk assessment our main actions are to ensure the safety of our staff and patients. Some of the things we have put in place are listed above for changes to patients entering the practice and the service we offer. We have also risk assessed our staff members following latest guidance and advice.
  • We already had a triage system (patient first) which we are able to continue using to speak to patients before they attend to ensure they do not have symptoms before being seen for treatments and continued care
  • We will see patients when necessary after triage and we follow guidelines with appropriate PPE
  • We have adopted video consultations where needed to reduce face to face contact
  • We follow Government and NHS advice and guidance and keep our staff updated With this – specifically adherence to social distancing, frequent hand washing, hand sanitiser readily available and sneeze screens up in reception.
  • We are further supporting our clinical staff by holding regular daily huddles for clinicians to share guidance and best practices
  • We ensure that there is regular cleaning of frequently used areas and all staff have refreshed their infection control training
  • We have installed wall mounted hand sanitising stations throughout the Practice to facilitate staff and patients with keeping hands sanitised