New patient registration

We welcome all new patients living within our catchment area.


We encourage patients to register online. There is no pre-registration requirement. You will not be required to present any proof of residency upon registration.

Click the here to register. You can also come to the Practice to fill out a paper application form if you would prefer.

As soon as your registration is complete, you can use our e-consultation service to contact your doctor directly and get health advice.

Please remember that we can only accept patients who live within our boundary area. To check if you fall within our catchment, go to Catchment Area and check if your postcode is within the catchment area.

If patients move outside our catchment area we ask them to register elsewhere. We understand this is sometimes upsetting, especially to patients who have been with us a long time but we do have to set limits to our practice area.

As a new patient, you will be offered a registration appointment with one of our health care assistants. The registration appointment will enable us to gather some necessary baseline information which may prove to be important should you need to see a doctor prior to us receiving your notes, as it could take some time for your medical record to come through from your previous GP.



We offer services for non-registered patients. Follow the link to learn more.

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