The NHS Talking Therapies Mental Health Campaign went live on Mon, 17th Jan. 2022 and will run until the end of March 2022. With the use of the iconic Beatles song “Help!”, the strategy is to get more people talking about mental health and seeking support, if needed.

NHS Talking Therapies – YouTube

Since the start of the pandemic, some 2.3 million people have come forward for NHS Talking Therapies, but with new figures showing that over 50% of people were concerned about their mental health last year – and around half also experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood or depression and the majority not seeking professional help – many more could benefit.

The NHS is encouraging anybody experiencing anxiety, depression or other common mental health concerns to come forward and see how talking therapies can help them. NHS mental health Talking Therapies are a confidential service run by fully trained experts and can be accessed by self-referral or through a GP practice.

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